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What Is The Importance Of Water Blasting And Its Risks In Work Area?

Water blasting is also known as hydro blasting. It is extensive sharp water discharge operation. It generates powerful blasting effect and that is the reason that water blasting in Melbourne is successful. It’s very easy to use and it requires only one operator. It removes the contaminants by spraying pressurized water onto a surface. It also removes old coatings, tarnish, and deeply fixed crystallized salt and many other things. Water blasting is widely used in industry like airports, roads and highways, construction, manufacturing and processing plants, power plants, paper mills, petrochemical plants and many others.  In the past people use conventional blasting method which are not very much efficient. Water blasting is environmental friendly which helps to reduce pollution. Water blasting machines replace old cleaning methods like sand blasting which generate pollution and other severe erosion which causes damage. For more information, please log on to

There are some risks when using water blasting equipment that is as follows: 

  • Hazards: But sometimes high pressure water blasting can cause damage to workers and can put them in difficult situations that can cause them serious injury or even death. The water blasting equipment can move up to high velocity speed that produce enormous pressure which is so strong that slices solid materials and can harm physically. If water hit any part of the body that it can harm serious injury. 
  • Small working area: Workers frequently forced to work in small areas that causes difficulties to workers and it is difficult for them to move around the spaces where tanks and boilers are placed.  
  • Toxic gasses: Emission of toxic gasses also causes difficulties for workers. At small working area there is great possibility of being hit by something bigger than them. 
  • Chemical exposure: Sometimes workers remove toxic chemical from various surfaces without using of proper safety equipment and protective clothing which can harm their health and can cause long term injury. Slippery surfaces are also one of the most common reasons of causing injury to workers. 
  • Environmental factors: Harsh working conditions are also very common thing in industries, like extreme temperatures like moisture or humidity can cause big problems and variety of injuries such as dehydration, hypothermia, sunstroke and many more. 



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