Relocating can be a disruptive, stressful experience at the best of times but careful planning can help alleviate many common problems. Arranging a few tasks ahead of time can make a world of difference, so don’t wait till the last possible minute. Even if a shift is only days away, a few minutes spent in planning can pay off handsomely.

Figure out the basics
The first key steps involve time, distance and budget. Figure out how much time you have before the relocation, as that can inform how much help you are likely to need. Figure out the distances involved in your relocation, as that can play a part in how many belongings you can feasibly transport in a single trip; and most importantly figure out your budget for your move. While going it alone (with a little help from your friends) can be a budget option, a moving company in Dubai can be a huge time and stress saver. Ask your friends and family for recommendations, and call for quotes well ahead of time so you can make a choice quickly. Remember that certain times of year and certain locations can be busier than others, so locking in your dates early is always a good idea. If at all possible, allow some overlap between your new location and old so you can be spared the stress of a single day move if necessary.

Planning for the big day
First of all, make an inventory of all your belongings and decide which will make the trip with you. The time you have available will affect how you dispose (give away, sell) of the rest. Contact your house movers to ask about their packing policy; and their policy on breakages. Some large, heavy objects may require specialized assistance. Box everything in reverse order to your use in the new home, with out of season clothes; older books and so on planned to be unpacked last. Arrange a survival kit for your first day at the new place, so you don’t need to have everything unpacked immediately. Contact any organisations (utilities, government agencies and such) well ahead of time if possible, so your new life can begin with minimal disruption. Tentatively plan where each of your belongings will go in your new residence.

Last minute checks
Make sure all your boxes and packages are labelled, so unpacking involves minimal guesswork. Assess if your plan for siting belongings still makes sense, or if any changes are required. Once you have the bare necessities unpacked, stop and give yourself a little treat. You’re almost there, and ready to begin an exciting new chapter of your life.