Your bedroom is your own comfortable space. Keeping it clean is vital since you will be spending most time of the day in it. If it is not clean, you will not be able to relax and take some rest. It will no longer be a place you look forward to come everyday after a tiring day of work. There cannot be anything relaxing than walking into a clean room, having a hot bath and dozing off. So here are a few easy tips for you on how to keep your room clean.

1. Make your bed
It might seem like the last thing you want to do after waking up early morning, but do make it a point to make your bed before you leave for the day. It’s even worse to walk home to a messy bed being tired after work. You need to be able feel good to come home to a neatly made bed. An untidy bed can make even a clean room messy so making your bed is a must.

2. Keep food out of the room
Snacks and drinks are a complete ‘no no’ in your bedroom. Avoid bringing in food as much as possible since even a few crumbs can attract ants, cockroaches and other bugs. If you really have to bring in food, bring the dishes back into the kitchen. Do not leave them in the room. Dispose any leftovers in the kitchen garbage bin and not the waste basket in your room.

3. Put things back where they belong
The simplest thing you could ever do is putting things back from where you took it. Rather than tossing the book on the side cupboard after reading, go keep it on the shelf. Rather than throwing your shoes around, put them back on the rack. How hard could that be?

4. Weekly clean-up
Make it a point to sweep and dust your room every week. Make it a habit so that you could easily fit it into your daily routine. Go through your wardrobe in Singapore and take out the stuff you don’t need. Clean your desk and keep your books in order. It would only take a few minutes.

5. Let go of your bad habits
You might have a bad habit of throwing clothes on the ground, leaving your car keys lying around, pulling out everything when you want to find something in your built in wardrobe that made from finest quality materials. Let go of these and you will have a clean room without your knowledge.

A room looks messy when it isn’t bright. Get a few table lamps or floor lamps so that you can lighten it up. These simple steps will give you a clean room in no time.