When it’s your first ever baby shower to attend, you’re filled with excitement and so anxious to attend! The fun, the food, the festivity of the whole event…no doubt has made its place in your heart. But once you’ve attended a dozen or so, the excitement begins to wear off a tad. Sure, it’s still fun for the expectant mother; but not so much for those watching her unpack those “same old” gifts.

If you’ve a baby shower to attend, and are looking for unique gift options; then look no further! We’ve got you covered…!

When it’s a special baby
Gone are the days when newborn baby clothes are the only option for baby showers. When it comes to special babies (and special parents), you tend to go all out with the gifts. Expenses are something that’s often overlooked. If this is the case with you, then consider gifting a baby bouncer (which will keep the baby occupied; freeing the parents momentarily), a baby bean bag (for a cozy and comfy nap) or even a food and bottle warmer (for those late night and early morning feedings). Yes, depending on where you live, they can get a little expensive; but it’s a gift they could use for a while.

When it’s not the first baby of the family
When it’s not the first child of the family, the parents are not only learning to co-op with one infant, but their sibling as well. A great deal of multi-tasking is involved; and if your gift could aid them in that, then it’s a winner. Things like baby food blenders (for quicker meals) and bottle holder helpers (the kind that can be attached to the baby so they can hold their own bottle) can be found in most kids clothing in Singapore or baby stores. If you’d like to DIY, you can try your hand at creating a “door quieter”; so that the bigger sibling needn’t be too cautious about slamming the doors when the baby’s asleep…!

When the baby’s mom is always on the go!
Today’s mommies are brilliant at multi-tasking. This includes handling a business while managing a home, and babies as well. If your mom-to-be (or dad-to-be!) is one of those super-efficient human beings who doesn’t know the meaning of taking it slow, chances are that they’ll be on the go pretty soon. In this case, things like stroller caddies, phone holders for the pram handles, changing mats for the road are all great options. If you can find it, then car seats that turn into strollers and baby bags that convert to travel cribs are brilliant options as well! If your heart’s drawn to these options, and you can’t find it locally, consider buying them online…