TESOL is a course which everyone wants to do, since English is the language of all the business and the most commonly spoken language all over the world therefore everyone needs to learn it at one point or the another and TESOL is the course which is not only studied by the students but the people who are already in the profession of teaching English studies this course to enhance their knowledge and to be able to teach others but since the TESOL is getting very much popular there is a wide variety of academies and institutes who are offering this course. Not only is the course can be studies on campus but there are offline classes as well. This much variety makes you wonder that which one of these is the best TESOL course. You must have the knowledge of the TESOL and you must be familiar with the key points which help you determine which one of these is better. Make sure that you consider these points and do not settle for the IELTS training which is not worth the time and the effort.

The first thing that you need to make sure that what is the minimum requirement of the TESOL which is recognized by the accreditation because there is no use of doing a course which will not be recognized in many of the places. In this case, first you need to know that what is the length of TESOL that you are going to study. The minimum accepted length is the 100 hours at least. Therefore, choose a course which is of at least 120 hours.  In this time period of 120 hours there must be at least six live sessions in which the students communicate with each other in the real environment. The standard course which is full time course usually takes up to 4 weeks and then there is the course where the classes are part time takes time of around 2 to 3 months. Based on this time, various institutes divide contents and materials of the course and complete these in these 120 hours.

The second important thing is the accreditation, since the TESOL is the course which is mostly used in the foreign countries and people use it across the world then you must make sure that the institute which gives you the certificate is in the accredited list or not.  Make sure that these are the members of the accreditations body.